Fear of the Number '666' -- Submitter refuses to call a number with those digits.  Also will buy more/less to avoid a $6.66  charge.  
Triskadekadekaphobia and Octophobia.

Fear of Adam's Apples

Fear of Ankles

Fear of Balloons -- Same list as "balloons popping".

Fear of Band-Aids -- Submitter says she goes mental if she even hears the word (although they call them 'sticking plasters' where
she comes from -- wherever that is)

Fear of Basketballs -- Especially orange & black ones.

Fear of Beeps -- "...when something (oven, alarm clock, etc.) my heart starts racing and I get all nervous and irritated." Again, see

Fear of Body Organs

Fear of Boredom

Fear of Bouncy Castles

Fear of Bridges -- Also, see Acrophobia.

Fear of Broken Glass

Fear of Buoys

Fear of Bureaucracy

Fear of Buttons -- A must-read!  One of the most popular submissions.  One called this koumpounophobia.

Fear of Cell Phones

Fear of Cellophane

Fear of Cigarettes --One submitter suggested: Kapnophobia.  Click the phobia to see her reasoning.  Also, see Toxiphobia.

Fear of Clarinets being played poorly.

Fear of Claymation -- You know, like "Gumby" and guys like that.

Fear of Clusters -- A very popular submission.  For consideration, see:  Asymmetriphobia and Herpetophobia.

Fear of Coils

Fear of Coral & Coral Reefs

Fear of Corners -- Apparently the corners of anything.  He even sleeps in a round bed.

Fear of Cotton -- Isn't cotton "the fabric of our lives"??

Fear of Cracks -- Such as on parched earth.

Fear of Cramps -- see Algiophobia, Ponophobia, Odynophobia, or Odynephobia.

Fear of Diaper Decks

Fear of Diatoms -- Apparently, some kind of microorganism.

Fear of Domes

Fear of Electric Wheel Chairs

Fear of Escalators

Fear of Eyeballs

Fear of Being Fat and Lazy

Fear of Feet -- I guess this is the opposite of a foot fetish.  One Greek (yea!) and one Latin name suggested.  Click to read.

Fear of Felt -- See Textophobia.

Fear of Female Flatulence -- Need I say more?  A variation of Bromidrosiphobia.  Also, see Aerophobia and Osmophobia.

Fear of Ferris Wheels

Fear of Fire Sprinklers

Fear of Foreheads -- Specifically large, bare foreheads.

Fear of Fountains

Fear of the Front Door -- Click for details.

Fear of Frosted Glass

Fear of Gas Masks

Fear of Hair

Fear of Halloween Masks -- Similar to Samhainophobia.

Fear of Hallucinations

Fear of Holes -- There is A LOT of overlap with the 'clusters' fear.  See descriptions for details.

Fear of Homework -- Preposterous!

Fear of Jewelry

Fear of Necklace Jewelry Clasps

Fear of Kleenex

Fear of the Letter "I" and "J" Next to Each Other

Fear of Lines at the Bottom of Pools

Fear of Magnified Objects

Fear of Merry-Go-Rounds

Fear of Mirrors

Fear of Mold -- Also see Mycophobia.

Fear of Muppets

Fear of Noises When You Don't Know Where They're Coming From

Fear of Objects Sticking out of the Water (such as trees)

Fear of Odd Numbers -- Also, see Fear of Numbers.

Fear of Open Closet Door or Drawers When Trying to Sleep

Fear of Open Doors

Fear of Paper (and things related to paper) -- Also see Papyrophobia.

Fear of Paper Bags

Fear of Pinecones

Fear of Pine Trees

Fear of Pool Lights -- Submitter says he's petrified of them, even if the lights are turned off.

Fear of Pressure Changes

Fear of Pubic Hairs

Fear of (Electrical) Pylons

Fear of Rainbows -- Yes, they're terrible, aren't they?

Fear of Revolving Doors

Fear of Rocks

Fear of Roller-Coasters -- Someone suggested: "Veloxrotaphobia".

Fear of Rubber Bands -- Submitter includes 'anything rubber or latex'.

Fear of Ships -- Submitter would rather eat road kill than go by one.

Fear of Side-Effects from Medications

Fear of Smelling Bad

Fear of Smokestacks

Fear of Soap Bubbles

Fear of Soccer Balls (Outside US, read:  Footballs)

Fear of Socks

Fear of Wet Socks

Fear of Spider Webs

Fear of Spandex -- He calls it 'Latexiophobia'.

Fear of Spit

Fear of Sprinklers

Fear of Being Strangled by Stuffed Animals

Fear of Stubby Pencils

Fear of Styrofoam (Polystyrine) -- One submitter has managed to avoid styrofoam cups for 15 years!

Fear of Suffocation

Fear of Sunflowers -- Also, see Anthrophobia or Anthophobia.

Fear of being a 'Third Wheel'

Fear of Toes & Toes Bending

Fear of Touching Velvet or the Hairs on a Peach -- See Textophobia.

Fear of Tongues

Fear of Umbrellas

Fear of Large Underwater Rocks, Boats, Planes, Statues, Trees, and/or Roots

Fear of Veins -- I have a feeling they're not alone with this one.  See Hemophobia, Hemaphobia, or Hematophobia.

Fear of Ventilation Fans in Restrooms

Fear of Ventriloquist Dolls

Fear of Waterfalls

Fear of Wedding Gowns -- Submitter is female, by the way.

Fear of Weeds -- and seaweed and tree roots.

Fear of Weeping Willows

Fear of Windows & Window-Related

Fear of Windshield Wipers

Fear of the word 'Pilates'

Fear of Wrists -- One suggested "carpusophobia".