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Augustus Caesar -- Fear of Cats
Alexander the Great, conquerer -- Cats
Julius Caesar (Roman Emperor) -- Cats
Napoleon Bonaparte (French General) -- Cats
Benito Mussolini (Italian dictator) -- Cats
King Henry III of France -- Cats
King James I -- Fear of Unsheathed Swords
Feydeau (French Playwright) -- Morbid Fear of Daylight
Sigmund Freud -- Fear of Travel.

Aretha Franklin (Singer) -- Agoraphobia.
Joanna Lumley (Actress) -- Fear of Water
Ainsley Harriot (TV Chef) -- Fear of Snakes
Ian Wright (TV Presenter) -- Fear of Enclosed Spaces
Wendy Richard (Actress) -- Fear of Spiders
Robson Green (Actor) -- Fear of Wasps
Kim Basinger (Actress) -- Agoraphobia
Phil Jupitus (TV/Radio Presenter/Comedian) -- Fear of Spiders.
Muhammad Ali (Boxing champ) -- flying
Kim Basinger (Actress) -- open spaces
Ray Bradbury (Science Fiction Author) -- flying
Johnny Cash (Singer-Songwriter) -- flying & snakes
Chevy Chase (Comic Actor) -- snakes
John Cheever (Writer) -- crossing bridges
Cher (Singer-Actress) -- flying
Joan Crawford (Actress) -- germs
Tony Curtis (Actor) -- flying
Florence Henderson (Actress-Singer) -- flying
Whoopi Goldberg (Actress-commedian) -- flying
Betty Grable (Actress) -- crowds
Houdini (Magician) -- tight spaces
Howard Hughes (Millionaire-Inventor) -- germs
Loretta Lynn (Singer-Songwriter) -- flying
Bob Newhart (Actor-Comedian) -- flying
Glenda Jackson (Actress) -- flying
Michael Jackson (Singer) -- germs
John Madden (Sportscaster) -- flying
Dean Martin (Singer-Actor) -- elevators
Ed McMahon (TV talk show host) -- heights
Robert Mitchum (Actor) -- crowds
Laurence Olivier (Actor-Director) - stagefright
Ronald Reagan (Actor-former President) -- flying & tight spaces
Anne Rice (Author) -- the dark
Steven Spielberg (Producer-Director) -- insects
Billy Bob Thorton (Actor-Screenwriter) -- flying
Natalie Wood (Actress) -- water
Joanne Woodward (Actress) -- flying
Tommy Lee Jones (Actor) -- Clothing labels