Fear of Accidentally Driving on Incomplete Overpasses -- Yep.  That would be bad.

Fear of Being Pushed onto the Rail of an Oncoming Train

Fear of Boats out of the Water

Fear of Car Door Opening while Driving

Fear of Driving

Fear of Driving in Complex Highway Systems

Fear of Driving off a Bridge and Drowning in the Car -- ...and that's not her only one.  Click to read.

Fear of Driving over a Bridge with Water Underneath

Fear of Dying in a Car Crash

Fear of Parking Ramps -- This probably belongs in the "Things" page, but that page is crowded enough as it is.

Fear of Public Buses

Fear of Semi-Trucks [European:  HGV's]

Fear of Traffic Cones

Fear of Trains

Fear of Armourgard Vans

Fear of Volvos

Fear of Yellow Cars