Fear of Balloons Popping -- See Ligyrophobia.

Fear of Becoming a Ghost

Fear of Becoming a Parent -- I couldn't believe this one wasn't in the books already!  see also:  Lockiophobia, Tocophobia, Osmophobia, Pedophobia.

Fear of Having Blood-Pressure Taken

Fear of Going on Boats

Fear of People Breathing -- This could be a problem.

Fear of Getting Burped on

Fear of Causing Someone's Death through Carelessness

Fear of Clothes Disappearing in Public -- *giggles*

Fear of People Coughing

Fear of Someone Cracking their Knuckles

Fear of Disappearing

Fear of Dreams Coming To Life -- Sweet dreams! : )  See also Oneirophobia.

Fear of Drinking out of the Bottom of a Cup

Fear of Dying in a Humorous Way -- and being the subject of snickering rather than sorrow.

Fear of Accidentally Eating a "Freshness Packet"

Fear of Eating from a Spoon

Fear of Eating from Metal Utinsels

Fear of Eatin from Wooden Spoons

Fear of Entering a Body of Water because Someone Might Drop in an Electrical Appliance (still plugged in) -- Combination of Hydrophobia and Electrophobia.

Fear of Eyebrows being Tampered with

Fear of Falling

Fear of Finding a Dead Body or Body Part

Fear of Flying -- like Peter Pan

Fear of being hit by a meteor, moon rock, or other space debris -- similar to Contreltophobia or
Kosmikophobia, but with a personalized aspect.

Fear of Getting Hiccups and Never Being Able to Stop

Fear of Getting High

Fear of Giving Birth

Fear of Going to the Mailbox

Fear of Hearing a Recording of Your Own Voice
-- Answering Machines and the like.

Fear of Hearing People Eat -- Not sure if this is so much a fear than an extreme annoyance.  Click to read

Fear of Inanimate Objects Coming to Life & Killing You

Fear of Being Laid-Off from Work -- Submitter has yet to ever be laid-off, though.

Fear of Being Left Behind From The Rapture -- see I Thessalonians 4:16-18 of the Bible.  Submitter often has this fear when she cannot get a hold of her Christian friends...thinks they might have been raptured without her.

Fear of Licking Dry Materials -- Socks, towels, etc.

Fear of Losing Hearing

Fear of Being Murdered -- Generally a bad thing.

Fear of Living Forever -- in ANY form of afterlife.  Similar, perhaps, to Ouranophobia.

Fear of Being Poked

Fear of Being Poked/Touched in the Bellybutton

Fear of Having a Police Officer Coming to Your Door With Bad News About Your Teenager
-- Submitter suggested "Teenaphobia"

Fear of a Premature Death from Irregular Circumstances -- Similar to Thanatophobia, this was described from more of a 'spontaneous combustion' sort of perspective.  Submitter, early 20's and in healthy condition, fearing heart failure at any given moment.

Fear of Being Pushed off of Great Heights

Fear of Putting Clothes on Backwards

Fear of the Roof Caving in and Being Trapped Underneath the Rubble
-- See Taphephobia or Taphophobia.

Fear of Rubbing Fingerprints Together

Fear of Wearing Short-Sleeved Shirts or Short Pants

Fear of Shrinking -- Yes, like the Lily Tomlin movie.

Fear of Sleepwalking -- Combination of Ambulophobia and Hypnophobia.

Fear of Sleeping in a Room with an Opened Window Curtain

Fear of Someone Touching your Hair -- Although I didn't submit this, I think I had this fear in High School.

Fear of Smoking Pot

Fear of Being Stabbed While Walking up the Stairs

Fear of Being Sucked into AC Units -- Hehe

Fear of Something Being Dropped Inside You During Surgery

Fear of Standing Next to the Bed

Fear of Swimming Laps -- The thought "makes me cry", he said.  Submitter suggests "lapaphobia".  Possibly related to Ergophobia or Ponophobia.

Fear of Talking about Ghosts or Aliens -- out of the concern they will somehow know if he's talking about them.

Fear of Talking about Your Feelings -- Doesn't every guy have this??

Fear of Teeth Falling Out -- And other tooth-related ones.  Also, see: Odontophobia and  www.myenvoy.com/sleepybear/teeth.html

Fear of Things Spilling

Fear of Things Touching (or Being Touched)

Fear of Touching Fingers with Toes

Fear of Tripping and Killing Self

Fear of Being Upside-Down

Fear of Waking up During Surgery

Fear of Wind Blowing Clothes Off

Fear of Being Wrongly Accused for a Felony and Sent to Prison -- Submitter refuses to watch movies depicting such, stating it produces too much anxiety.